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The following images are an ongoing personal project of mine: "Frozen Memories." I started the project a couple years ago and have recently picked up the project again. I have kept many things from my childhood.  I've carried them from my parents’ house, to my first apartment and now to the basement of my first home. It has come full circle now that my son plays with my childhood toys.

I’ve looked through photo albums, toy boxes, and bins with my name on it. These go back as far as August 11th in the year 1982. I hope to never be done with this project. I’ll keep freezing my memories for myself and family.  I hope you enjoy a brief look into my childhood and If you feel the need to do this for yourself, please do. It would be great to see other people do this around the world.


4th Birthday He-Man:

Above image shows me at my 4th Birthday holding Sy-Klone figure. I’m pretty sure my first movie that I went to was Masters of the Universe in 1987 (that or it was Batman in ‘89). Now, almost 30 years later, there will be a new live action He-Man movie that I will mostly likely take my son to see. (Which he will be 5ish when it comes out.) (Along with Star Wars.)

G.I. Joe:

I remember going to the store (probably Target) with my mom to buy this back in ‘91. It had the look of a National Geographic photographer. (If you look at the midsection, he has a camera attached to his vest along with binoculars around his neck.)


Hulk Hogan:

I grew up in the ‘80s, which meant all things awesome. That included Hulkamania. I was too young to remember the body slam of Andre at Wrestlemania III, but I have many other memories of a man who said, “To train: say your prayers and eat your vitamins.”  Fact: Hogan and I share a birthday.


My first comic book I ever bought was the “Death of Superman” issue. I heard it from friends in class and I remember seeing the newscast that they were going to kill off Superman. It was in 1992 and I was 9 years old. I remember going to our local store, Omni, and reserving it. The comic book included a 40” poster, an armband, an obituary clipping, some stamps and a tombstone card. They were all enclosed in a black bag with the Superman symbol in blood.  (This was all for $2.50.) As soon as I got the comic home, my parents told me that I shouldn’t open it since it might be worth something someday. (Probably should have bought two.)  Anyway, yeah, I opened it. Back then there were no internet spoilers so I had no idea what to expect. In the year 2006, on opening day of Superman Returns, I went to get a tattoo on my upper back. What I decided on was the Kryptonian symbol of HOPE.

Best Buds:

For around 25 years, I’ve been friends with Kiel Elliott. Our friendship was build on our mutual interests in comics, tv shows, wrestling, and movies. If you’ve seen the show The Goldbergs, the youngest son, Adam, pretty much was just like Kiel and me.   Kiel’s house was in the city which was a block from our school. It was surrounded by other friends’ houses. Since my house was out of the city limits, his home became my second house.  Almost every weekend we went to a movie, or rented games/movies at the local video store, and yes…played outside. He now lives in L.A. and is a Creative Director for Hazy Mills who produces such shows as “Grimm”, “Hollywood Game Night”, and previously “Hot in Cleveland.” I’ve flown out there a few times and was on set during one of his tapings. He usually flies back here once or twice a year as well.


The Band Bush:

In the ‘90s, a band called “Bush” released an album called Sixteen Stone. Believe it or not, there was a time when MTV played music videos. I remember waiting to see the 1994 video “Come Down” which was filmed through a fisheye lens. I later went to my first concert with my friends Kiel Elliott and Eric Smith. The concert also included the Goo Goo Dolls and No Doubt.


I wasn’t one to jump into games. My friends were bigger gamers than I was. But don’t get me wrong, when I was growing up, my two older brothers and I still had a Genesis, an original Nintendo with such games as Mario/Duck Hunt, Paper Boy, Bomberman, River City Ransom, Ninja Turtles, etc. I even scored a Gameboy for Christmas  in the early ‘90s. Playstation was my first game console that I owned for myself. I had it hooked up in my room and many hours were spent playing.

My High School Jacket Badge:

The badge was earned as a sophomore in high school after lettering in cross country (1998) and track (1999).  I became co-captain in cross country in ‘99 and 2000 along with All E.D.C.    In 2001, I became captain for track and field.

MVP award:

I earned Most Valuable Runner award during my senior year of cross country.  I typically placed in the top 15 in the races. One of my achievements that year was running 4 miles under 20 minutes.

Family Reunion Race in Minnesota (1992) to Australia Cross Country USA (2001)

In the Summer of 2001, I flew to Australia to compete in the Down Under Games: TEAM USA vs. Team Australia. It was my last race. It completed my journey from my first race when I was young and ran against my Grandpa’s brother, “The Great OZ.”


The Beatles:

My mom was an original fan from the ‘60s, she bought and kept the original Beatles’ Album: “Meet the Beatles” and recently handed it over to me. I have it framed in my house. When I grew up, I, of course, knew about the Beatles, but I never really listened until I was older. In the ‘90s my mom got the new Beatles anthology tape for Christmas. I remember listening to the interviews and the music, but again, never really listened until the the album “One” was released on CD and on the iPod quite a few years later. But, “Hey Jude” was an early favorite of mine along with “Let it Be” which I remember singing in elementary school.  In 2014, 50 years after the Beatles landed in America, Paul McCartney came to Fargo. So, I got my mom a ticket and she was able to experience her first Beatle concert with me.


So, that's a sneak peak of some of the items I have saved. I've got a box full of stuff that I can still freeze. Maybe more photos and stuff that happened after High School.


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