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"The Traveler" By: Dan Francis"Abandoned Dreams"         By: Dan FrancisReflected Heroes By: Dan Francis"Here's the Problem" Three men repairing a Steam Engine"Forgive Me"   By: Dan Francis"Surreal Imagination" (Yes this is real.) by: Dan Francis"Foggy Morning" By: Dan Francis"Social Media Artist" A man checks his phone while waiting for customers"2bsy2care" A man checking his phone walks past a homeless man on the street.        By: Dan Francis"Abandoned Faith"          By: Dan Francis"Moonrise over the Dakota"      By: Dan Francis"Coastal Rocks""Hello Deer"    By: Dan Francis"Lone Tree"      By: Dan Francis"Lost Message"   By: Dan Francis"Desolate""Dead End"     By: Dan Francis"Snowy desert" By: Dan Francis